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Demonic attack?

Dreams, Religious

Please explain this:

I was napping, or trying to stop napping. My phone rang and it was Mommy rambling on. I was so drowsy that I couldn’t even speak properly. I heard Roody’s mother asking me if I’m sleeping. I tried to answer her but I couldn’t. She asked again and I said, yes! In like a weird way.

Then I heard something about “Jason.” I jumped up out of the bed and saw the door closing, so I yelled out, “Yes?!” No answer.

I was terrified. I know what I saw. I was awake. And the sound of her voice…

The phone wasn’t even next to me when I woke up. I never spoke to Mommy. But I know I saw that door closing because at that point I was awake.

Devil, I know you mad. But please stop. In the name of Jesus.

Thank you.

Dream: Extorters

Dreams, Marriage

I had a strange dream this morning. Roody and I were traveling with a bunch of people on a train or something. I don’t know where we were going. But the two of us ended up inside a history book place, like a library. Some guy came up to us and asked who we were. We said, “Extorters.” He asked us if we know what that means. I said, “Yes, we extort things. We get information from things.” Or something like that. Then he commented on a presentation that we had made before our meeting. He said we did a really good job, we just need to tag team more. Since we’re a couple, people expect us to be finishing each other’s sentences more. So don’t just let 1 person talk.

The funny thing about that is that we had a meeting with someone yesterday who said that Roody needs to talk more in our videos. Did my mind fabricate a whole ‘nother scenario based on just that 1 comment? Jeez.

Dream: Sheena & Miranda Sings


Weird dream this morning: I was outside in the forest with Sheena and some other people. We were having a disagreement about something church-related.

Then we decided to go to the lake? I don’t know. And I was helping her to float or something like that. But then it turned into a bowel movement issue and I think that’s when she turned into Miranda. Then Miranda ran to the bathroom and was dying to overcome her constipation issue. She was yelling really loudly.

Gosh, that was so strange. I wish I had more details of the dream in my memory.


The test continues


I feel like Roody is on to me. I almost forgot about the test a few times yesterday and almost did the thing. He did it once, a little bit.

Today I wanted to do the thing really badly. I did something else instead. He did the thing a few times, a little bit.

He’s still not doing exactly what I want him to do, but he seems to be trying. Let’s see how the rest of the week goes.

Testing Roody


Roody and I had a fight yesterday evening. I complained to him that he doesn’t do a certain thing. He assured me that he does, I just keep forgetting.

Well, I decided I’d stop doing that thing and watch to see if he does in fact do it.

It’s been over 24 hours and he hasn’t done it. I’m going to keep this test up for the rest of the year. Let’s see how he does.

Dreams: Roody Cheats + Interrupted Us Time

Dreams, Marriage

I feel like my marriage is under attack.

On Sunday morning, I had a dream that Roody was cheating on me. I was staying at a motel, waiting for him to come meet me so we could have some “us time.” I called his cell phone and a woman picked up. Stupidly, I said, “May I speak to Roody please?” “He’s not available right now. Would you like to leave a message?” “No, thank you.” “This is his fiancĂ©, by the way.” “Ok, bye.” “Would you like to hear about our wedding cake?” “No, bye.”

I figured he was playing a joke on me because we had watched a movie previously in which a man was in a relationship with 2 women–he was engaged to one of them, and neither of them knew about the other. So I waited for him to return my call and say, “Gotcha!”

He never did.

Anyway, a man rode up to me on a bicycle (my motel had now become an open space) and I thought he was cute. I said something to him and it made him blush. He ended up riding into a bush. Next thing I knew, a baby had fallen out of a bassinet made up of bush. He had scratches all over his face. I said, “What were you doing in there? How long were you in there??” “Oh, just a few hours.” He was of talking age, but he wasn’t THAT old. Maybe 1 or 2 years old. I told him I’d return him to his parents.

I walked over to the neighbors and brought them their son. They said thank you and I walked away. The older son said to me, “You know, my father is the reason you can wear that shirt.” I was wearing an Aeropostale-like shirt, one with writing and numbers that act like they mean something. I said, “Oh, cool.” And then awkwardly walked away.

What a strange dream??

Well, I took a nap today. At the end of my dream, I was trying to have “us time” with Roody, quickly. We were a part of a group, and we had escaped to our hotel room to get something. I had planned otherwise. I told Roody to take his clothes off, but I kept my top on. I hopped on top of him and then the door opened. I quickly rolled over with embarrassment and then I woke up.

The thing is, I NEVER dream about Roody. The fact that the past 2 dreams about him were not-so-good creeps me out. Time to do some serious prayer.

Dream: Killing a Mouse with a Bible


I have weird dreams all the time now. It’s crazy.

I don’t remember the first part of this morning’s dream, but this was the ending: I was at someone’s house. I don’t remember whose. But I spotted a mouse under the table. I grabbed a Bible off the desk (it looked like a Bible from church) and threw it at the mouse. It got him, but he was still able to stagger away. He ran to another corner and I could barely see him. Someone else had to point him out at me. It was like he became invisible. I was getting ready for the mouse to run away again, and I got another Bible in hand. He ran away and I started to be able to see him. I threw the Bible at him hard and squashed him dead. It was a bloody mess, and I was totally disgusted. I couldn’t even look, and I asked someone else to clean up the mess.

Mommy’s interpretation: whatever is coming at me, I’ll only accomplish it with the Word of God, and it’s right in the church. The enemy is stopping me right in my tracks. Don’t let him stop me.